Safely Use Mini Me Baby Hammock

Hi!  We have recently added some beautiful handmade custom designed Mini Me baby hammock photo props to our inventory which are great for newborn photo sessions.  These are amazing little hammocks and we want to be sure our customers are aware of the risks and use extreme caution when using them.  COMPOSITE SHOTS ARE RECOMMENDED when using these hammocks to ensure the safety of your little client.  Our friend Angie from Sweet Memory Garden based out of Utah has given us some pointers and advice on the best and safest way to photograph our Mini Me hammocks.  These shots may look dangerous but Angie used her expertise to ensure the baby’s safety at all times throughout the shoot.  Here is some information from Angie as well as the final image and the composite photos of her shoot with her Baby Pink Mini Me Hammock:

“This is the cutest hammock.  This is very much a composite shot, someone is actually holding the hammock so it won’t sway.   I had to make sure that each stand had one leg under the bean bag so the stands wouldn’t buckle over.  When I do hammock shots, I always have the back side higher than the front so the baby can never fall off the back side.  One hand is holding the hammock steady while the other is right there in case the baby moves (although you can’t see the other hand).  The second shot I just needed the left side of the hammock. ”  – Angie of Sweet Memory Garden Photography in Utah


Here is some more helpful safety information from Mari Annelise Photography based out of Texas as well as her shot using her Au Natural Mini Me Hammock:

“I would say the biggest safety tip is making sure baby is positioned perfectly before you lift them off the bean bag. We had to do several test lifts to make sure her head was secure and wouldn’t roll off. She was only lifted a couple of inches, we had two people holding the hammock, and mom’s hand was under her at all times. I took several images of the hammock and backdrop separately so they could be used for a composite shot (like you would do with the hands-under-the-chin pose).”

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  1. Leticia says:

    Hi, I am starting a home photography business and have so much to learn. I want to specialize in newborn photography and am curious how to do the “hands under chin pose”. I have a 2 month old daughter I tested that on and wasn’t successful 🙁 Please help with suggestions or advice…also how do I find the wooden looking tree props for the slings? I’m having a hard time finding them online.

    1. Erin says:

      wooden tree props…find a strong piece of wood in the woods or local park. test it w/ 25+ lbs of weight to make sure it is strong enough to hold a newborn.

      the chin on hand pose, check out this blog entry, it shows a couple different difficult, but SAFE poses.

  2. jessica grothe says:

    i’ve a question where’s the hammock from?

  3. Aurore's Heaven Photography says:


    I have a question, where’s the hammock’s support from , please ?

    Thank you very much,

    1. Hi! I am not sure exactly where the photographer in the video got her stands but I would recommend you check on Amazon for backdrop stands. I hope that helps!

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