Genuine Flokati Wool OR Vegan Flokati Fur?

Vanilla Faux Flokati Fur
Vanilla Faux Flokati

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Blondie Faux Flokati
Blondie Faux Flokati
What are the differences between flokati wool and faux fur photo props?
Faux Fur
  • Machine washable – hand or gentle cycle/cold water. Machine dry on NO heat setting.
  • Very soft for that delicate baby skin
  • Pliable fabric
  • Animal friendly
  • Easy to spot clean
  • Virtually no shedding (only at unfinished edges and is minimal)
  • Affordable – Average one yard costs $55.00 from Custom Photo Props LLC
Flokati Wool
  • Dry clean only as per manufacturer
  • Real sheep wool
  • Matted ends give very textured appearance
  • Abundance of wool shedding throughout the rug and not concentrated to ends
  • Coarse texture (not recommended to lay a baby directly on the wool as it is itchy)
  • Costly – Average one yard piece costs $90.00
Feedback from a customer : “I have a Flokati that I got from Ikea and it’s scratchy, impossible to wash or keep clean and CONSTANTLY shedding. When I first got your furs I was a little nervous about washing them and was always trying to do set ups that were either in buckets or with diaper covers. But then there was an accident on the blue one (my fav) and I was so sad. I figured I’d wash it and if it was wrecked, I would just replace it. It came out of the wash and I thought, damn, it’s matted. I let it air dry. After it was dry, I threw it into the dryer on low heat for about 10 minutes and voila, good as new. I was so happy. 🙂

I’m constantly using them for anything now. I’ve had them peed and pooped on several times, and every time they wash they still come out looking new. I’m sure I’ll eventually wear them out, but before then, I will know for sure I got my money’s worth out of them!! 🙂 Cheaper than Flokati, look and feel better and easier to clean. Win win win!! :)” Shannon Bower Photography of Novia Scotia, Canada

“GREAT Faux Fur Prop! I’ve been looking for something similar to a Flokati Rug and honestly, I felt like this was better than the Flokati Rug I have because it’s more flexible, being fabric AND so much softer!!! I will definitely purchase from this seller again, hopefully more colors of this Fur, Love!”

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