How do I get my faux fur to stay flat on the ground?

How Do I Get My Faux Fur To Stay Flat On The Floor With Squirmy Kids? Take this suggestion from Shannon Bower Photography of Novia Scotia, Canada
In reference to her Super Size White Clouds faux fur from Custom Photo Props which was used as snow in her Christmas sessions.
“I used it for 20 sessions on the weekend. Want to know what I did? I sewed the soft side of velcro to the bottom. Then stuck the ‘rough’ side of velcro to the floor…so the fur didn’t budge. It was the PERFECT floor.
It took me about 1/2 hour to sew it on. But it literally didn’t budge for 20 sessions. ZERO work in photoshop to fix anything floor related. First thing babies do when you sit them on the soft fur is pull on it. They did with no issue. AND, I wasn’t worried about being unsafe for anyone to walk on because it was held in place so well.”
Thank you for the fantastic suggestion, Shannon! I am sure many portrait photographers will find this tip helpful!

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