Other Uses for Newborn Photo Props



Clearly Custom Photo Props caters to the needs of newborn photographers – it’s sort of our thing. However, here at the shop we’re always talking about ALL the wonderful uses for our products and I thought it would be nice to share these ideas with you guys.


1)      Pets – Our other babies. Who wouldn’t LOVE to have a photo shoot of their pet in cute outfits? Our fearless leader Kerri, thought it was such a good idea she dolled up her pooches and took few shots for an example. Try not to drool on your keyboard.

Image  Image


2)      Maternity Photo Shoots – How sweet would it be to have Mom covered up in a certain wrap then use it for her baby’s newborn photos? Pretty darn cute, right?


As soon as we posted this Blog, Shannon Bower Photography posted this wonderful collage with our Midnight Cotton Checkered Wrap on facebook!! How wonderful!


3)      Scarves – After the winter we all just had, I think it’s a good idea to stock up on as many scarves as possible (ok I might have an obsession). Anyway, our new Cotton Checkered wraps and Ruffle Drapes are about 6’ long and make a FANTASTIC scarf – they’re SO soft! The picture below is of me wearing one of our Neptune Blue Cotton Checkered wraps. You can get it here in a variety of different colors. Baby Wraps





4)      Rugs – Some of our items ARE rugs and can be used as home décor as well as photo props. Any of our 3-D mats would be great for softening up a room and making feel a little cozier. Also, we talked about how AWESOME it would be to use some of our Faux Fur as an area rug. Imagine putting a Super Sized Honey Kisses by your bed so it’s the first thing you step on in the morning. I’m in Heaven just thinking about it. Here are the links to our Rugs and Furs

Image     Image


5)      Toy Hammock – Any of the hammocks we have in stock could easily be re purposed as toy storage. Also, if you hang it right, cheesecloth could do the same thing. Perfect for any kid (or adult) with an abundance of stuffed animals that need to be out of the way but still on display. Hammocks



If you have any more ideas please feel free to comment and tell us about it!

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