All about that FUR

If you’re reading this post you probably already know how wonderful our Faux Furs are…but do you know how versatile they are??

One of our favorite uses for our fur is for all those adorable sitters out there. Check out the examples in the images below! We love them 🙂 The fur layers add that extra bit of texture and color while really helping to bring the focus in on the baby. Also, they are machine washable which is ALWAYS a good thing when you’re working with babies. (Can I get an Amen?!)


At WPPI, a couple of people mentioned to me that they were buying our fur for senior portraits and I know people have used it for maternity shots – the possibilities are endless!!  If you’ve used our fur in a new creative way, please share with us! We absolutely love finding out new ways people use our products.

We have a few unconventional ideas on how to use all of our products written on this old blog post.. you know..if you’re looking for inspiration. 😉

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