Photographer Spotlight: Silveira’s Touch Photography

Hi there everybody! Meet Sandy from Silveira’s Touch Photography. She has some great advice for all you newbies out there! Scroll down to read 🙂
1)      Who are you and where are you located?
I’m Sandy, I’ve been a professional photographer for 5 1/2 years. Most of my clients are from word of mouth and I love it. I’m Located in Morris County NJ
2)      Do you have a home studio, rented space, or are you on location?
I am an on location photographer
3)      What subjects are your primary focus and which do you enjoy shooting the most?
I primarily focus on newborn and children session. I enjoy photographing newborn the most. Although they are a little more work, the joy of capturing their innocence is indescribable.
4)      There are so many different kinds of camera’s out there! What do you use and how did you decide on that particular one?
I shoot with a Canon 5d MarkII. I felt more comfortable when I held it.
5)      While we’re talking about equipment, what lens do you prefer to use and why?
On newborn session the 35mm 1.4 and 24-70mm 2.8L is my go to lens. I love the sharpness and the details I capture. For on location children and family session, I love my 85mm 1.8 and 135mm 2L lens, it’s so creamy.
6)      We hear a lot of debate on natural light vs. studio light, what are your thoughts on the subject?
I feel that you should use what works best for you. I work with natural light and sometimes I use my 580ex speed-light flash for fill light.
7)      How did you learn to be a photographer?
I’m self-taught.
8)      What or who inspires you? Do you have a photographer you look up to?
My passion for photography grew after the birth of my son. Still today I am inspired by capturing every detail of his growing life.
9)      When you’re doing a photoshoot or working an event, what is your favorite part?
I love getting to know the family at the session. I have met some amazing people through out my journey.
10)   What have you struggled with the most while having a career as a professional photographer? Any tips for somebody who is just starting out?
The hardest part as a professional photographer is the business side. My advice is if you’re going to start a business, do  it the right way and run it legally. Have confidence in yourself and build a portfolio. You will be respected when you respect your business and art.
11)   Do you have any unconventional tips or tricks for getting your little clients to cooperate during a shoot?
With little clients I always chat with them before starting the session. I interact with them by playing, acting silly and even sing if I have to. Also when you ask them to show you their favorite toy, that’s usually an ice breaker.
12)   Where would you like to see your company in the next five years?
I would like to have a studio and teaching my knowledge.

Sandy Antunes

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Thank you Sandy!

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