Photography Spotlight: Plume Designs Photography

Hi Everybody! Today I’d like to introduce Gina from Plume Designs Photography. Keep reading to see what she has to say about being a newborn photographer!  We love what she has to say about Custom Photo Props 🙂
1)      Who are you and where are you located?
Hi, my name is Gina and I am a portrait/newborn photographer and stationary designer based in Scottsdale, Arizona.
2)      Do you have a home studio, rented space, or are you on location?
While I dream of having my own studio one day, I currently market myself as an on location photographer. I find that my clients, newborn parents especially,  really enjoy that I bring everything to them. It gives them the ability to enjoy the experience in the comfort of their home.
3)      What subjects are your primary focus and which do you enjoy shooting the most?
My business is based on photography for “life’s special moments.” With that said, my clients range from newborns, children, families, maternity etc. If there is a reason to celebrate an exciting life moment, I am honored to be trusted to help capture that moment in time so my clients can cherish it for a lifetime.
 Newborns however, is where my passion for photography drives me most. To capture such raw innocence, just days after entering the world, it is truly magical. That little baby will never be that tiny, sleepy, soft and purely angelic EVER again. I love giving my clients the opportunity to revel in those chubby cheeks and tiny fingers and toes, forever.
4)      There are so many different kinds of camera’s out there! What do you use and how did you decide on that particular one?
I am currently shooting with the Canon 6D and I LOVE it! I love shooting Canon and I love shooting full frame. Because I am mainly a natural light photographer, I appreciate its ability to capture great photographs in low light conditions. I will always be a Canon fan.
5)      While we’re talking about equipment, what lens do you prefer to use and why?
I enjoy using my 50mm f/1.8 for that creamy bokeh. Who doesn’t love bokeh right? I also enjoy my 24-100mm f/4L for families and events. You can definitely tell the difference in glass with the L series.
6)      We hear a lot of debate on natural light vs. studio light, what are your thoughts on the subject?
I personally, am partial to natural light photography because it is what I have spent years practicing and perfecting. Studio lighting, is a whole other art in it of itself. It requires an entire different set of knowledge and skill to perfect.
I don’t believe one to be better than other rather, just a matter of taste and personal style.
7)      How did you learn to be a photographer?
I began my photography training in high school where I spent a lot of my lunches in the dark room. My high school photography teacher Mrs. Tomlin encouraged me to develop my skills and awarded me with several after-school opportunities outside of her class which really validated my skill and gave me the confidence to pursue it. Shooting several fashion shows along side professionals when you are seventeen is kind of a confidence booster!
I continued some formal education in college but once you know how to use the camera, school doesn’t really cut it anymore. I learned everything about portrait photography by constantly studying the techniques of others, reading anything I can get my hands on online and taking workshops.
8)      What or who inspires you? Do you have a photographer you look up to?
I am constantly inspired by current trends in the store. I don’t shop like a normal person by any means. When I am at a store, I am always aware of what colors, styles, textiles, and design elements are trending. I also cannot shop without seeing certain bowls or baskets and automatically thinking to myself “Ouhhh I want to put a baby in THAT!” It certainly gives my friends a laugh.
9)      When you’re doing a photoshoot or working an event, what is your favorite part?
My favorite part during a session is when I give my client a peek at the back of my camera and they swoon over the image right then and there. It not only motivates me, but most importantly it motivates the client and gives them the confidence to relax a little knowing they are doing amazing in front of the camera.
10)   What have you struggled with the most while having a career as a professional photographer? Any tips for somebody who is just starting out?
I struggle most in this career with my confidence. I am victim of a perfectionist mindset and a highly trained eye which results in me constantly picking a apart my work after each session. However, it is that moment when my client first sees their gallery and is overwhelmed with joy that I am reminded I am great at what I do. I know I’m not the best photographer in the world and don’t want to be – because that is the driving force that propels me to get better every day.
11)   Where would you like to see your company in the next five years?
In five years, I would love to have my own design and photography studio. As a stationary designer and photographer, I want to give my clients the whole package. I want to not only provide them with timeless photographs but also the stationary to put those images on so they can share that joy with their loved ones.
I have purchased several of my props from Custom Photo Props and I love their quality and customer service. They are always a pleasure to order from and I know my newborns are will most assuredly look adorable on/in them. Their props are professional grade and in return it helps give me professional results.
Thanks, Gina!!

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