Our Faux Furs Help Newborns Sleep

We’ve heard it again and again! Our furs help babies sleep. 9 out of 10 newborn photographers purport that our furs really help them with their photography!

How to get newborns to sleep
The True Baby Whisperer Faux Fur

“3 week old Diesel would not sleep for nothing… then I busted out my new Baby Whisper Buttercup layer fur. And YUP! Thank you!”  Ambers Lil Angels Photography

“I purchased your furs for the first time at WPPI. I always want to “feel it” before I buy. Not only do I love them but they put my newborns to sleep lol. Love Love Love your products!” Mandi Mayernik

“Absolutely in love with their Baby Whisper in large rug size. Great quality, and quick shipping. All my babies have loved this and one of my toddler boys was so in love he kept rolling around on it. Will be buying more! Thank you so much!” Natalie Edmundson

“Can’t say enough about your furs!! This is what happens every time….wrap them up and settle them in on one of your furs, and they settle right to sleep! Please don’t change a thing!!”

“Michaela wouldn’t sleep for a thing at her newborn session. She was wide awake for over an hour and the parents really wanted sleepy baby photos! After trying several methods that didn’t work, we took out a fur from Custom Photo Props. I bet you can guess what happened! Almost instantaneously she fell into a deep sleep. I can’t thank you enough for helping me with my session. You made a happy photographer and my client very happy!”

“I just received my furs from your black Friday sale and I am EXTREMELY satisfied! The quality and look of the fur is absolutely perfect. I also ordered faux fur from another site on black Friday and was disappointed with the way their fur looked and felt once it arrived. Yours was above and beyond what I expected. I will for sure be a returning customer!” Anna Mann

When I lay an itty bitty onto your furs I can almost see them sigh  I love their softness, quality, color, wash-ability, price and the speed in which you get them to me:) Thanks for the great products and Happy New Year!!”

I would just like to say a HUGE I LOVE your stuff!! I have the lamb fur & todays newborn session resulted in a major #2 (like MAJOR!) I usually just spot clean that fur if I need too but today it had to go in the machine, was a very nervous delicate cycle & I needn’t have worried at all it came out looking as good as new!! 😀 Happy happy!!” Lauren Jones


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