Why You DON’T Want to Use REAL Fur

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Mousse Faux Fur Fabric resembles authentic animal fur.
Eggshell - Faux Sheep Fur
Eggshell – Faux Sheep Fur

Did you realize that the Flokati rug or other animal fur you are using for your photography or decor could have been part of a widespread abuse on animals? When using a natural product you are not guaranteed that the animal did not suffer immensely for the sale of that product. Animal torture is not to be taken lightly… ever….this is why we stand by “Say No, Go Faux”!

Here is one of the many, many reasons we cannot stress enough why faux fur is the way to go.  PETA recently revealed cruelty to sheep at “sustainable” farms in Argentina. At these farms, workers cut off parts of gentle lambs’ ears, put tight rings around their scrotums, and cut off their tails—all without any pain relief. Shearers hit sheep with electric clippers, slammed them to the floor, and kicked and stood on them. Fast, rough shearing left many sheep cut and bleeding, and they weren’t given any painkillers before workers used a needle and thread to sew up their gaping wounds.

The cruelty documented on these farms is not unique, and similar abuses have also been found at dozens of farms and shearing sheds across Australia and the US. There’s simply no such thing as “humane wool,” and that’s why rejecting wool is the best way to help protect lambs and sheep from abuse.

Photo Credit of our Faux Sheepskin in Wolf – DNA Photography at http://dnaphotographywny.com/

Photo Credit of our Eggshell Sheep Fur Traci Farias Photography at http://www.tracifariasphotography.com/

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