DIY Keepsake Shadow Box featuring used Photo Props

There are many styles and themes that you can go with when making a shadow box for your baby. Go with whatever fits your taste and home decor. Remember that you are designing this around the used props so make sure that the colors you choose do not clash with each other.

In our example below, you will see that the photo session was strictly a Do-it-yourself newborn session with photo props. I firmly believe that if you add Quality photo props it will make your portraits look much more professional.

I  had all of the supplies for this project but I did need to hit my local craft store to pick up the shadow box. Mine was purchased from A.C. Moore Crafts at 50% off which was a really great deal at $14.00! I love how it has a magnetic closing feature which makes designing this so much easier. This may be something you want to consider when purchasing.

This shadow box took me a little over an hour, including design time.

Variety of items that you will need to complete a shadow box using your newborn photo props:

  • Shadow box. Keep in mind it must be large enough to fit everything that you want inside. This one is 10″x 12″. I wish I purchased one a little larger but loved the look of it regardless.
  • Double sided tape
  • Tacks
  • Scissors
  • Scrapbooking paper. You won’t need much.
  • Buttons, dried flowers, scraps of vintage fabrics, lace, ribbon, etc..
  • Scrapbooking scissors
  • Personalized baby articles: used newborn photo props, photo of the baby wearing the photo props, lock of hair, umbilical cord, foot print, hospital band, welcome cards, baptism bib, hospital card.

I recommend gathering all of your supplies ahead of time and laying it out before gluing, taping, or sticking anything down to minimize the risk of damaging anything fragile.

As you can see in our shadow box, I included the headband that baby “M” was wearing during her newborn photo shoot.  Draped over the shadow box is a fabric layer that baby “M” was laying on during some of the setups. Including these items in the shadow box takes this memorable home decor to a new level. As time goes by-and we know it goes by fast after you have a baby-you can reflect on  how small your baby was and daydream about those delicate baby features and baby powder smells.

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