The Reality of Real Wool

As you all know, we say no and go faux when it comes to our products here at Custom Photo Props! The more we learn about the reality of the fur industry, more and more Americans are choosing to say no to real fur! Many do not realize that wool is included in this epidemic.

Most think that when purchasing wool items, no animals are harmed in the creation because it is natural for sheep to simply get a “haircut”. PETA has gone behind the scenes to show the true conditions of these farms and they have discovered that handlers at sheep farms around the world are just as cruel as those at fur farms. Sheep are no longer just getting a haircut. They are being violently handled, injured, and even killed for their wool. Due to this, we ask you to please reconsider when you see that an item is made with real wool ! If you’d like to learn more about the reality of the wool industry, take a moment to view this article and video that shows the brutal reality that these innocent animals are forced to endure.

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