DIY Faux Fur Booster Car Seat Cover

Moms & Dads,

Our faux fur fabrics have a magnitude of uses that you may not have initially thought of-they aren’t just for baby pictures! In the next few months, you will read about our other uses for photo props in our DIY blog series.

The owner’s daughter is a fanatic for anything faux fur (primarily because her mom is the go-to-fur-lady). In stores Lil’ points out fur, on television, you name it. If there is fur, it’s a must that they have to go touch it and talk about the type of fur and quality. It’s really adorable to see her strong passion at such a young age.

Lil’ was in need of a new booster seat since the cover on hers was stained from that forbidden eating in the car. Oops… Instead of buying a whole new booster when she only needed the eliminate the stains on the cover, she refinished upholstered it with faux fur. It is super easy to do a DIY faux fur booster seat or car seat cover.

To make your own DIY kids booster seat cover, here is what you will need:

  • 1 Hot glue gun
  • 4 High temp glue sticks
  • 1 Faux fur from Custom Photo Props
  • Measuring tape (or you can wing it like the Kerri did 🙂
  • Car seat cover that’s being upholstered
  • Marker

Lay your faux fur upside down on your work table. Place your booster seat pad on top of the fur so you can trace around the pad for shape.**Leave 1.5  – 2 inches surrounding the cover which allows you to tuck the edges of the fur on the underside of the pad. This is very important! Trace the pad onto the fur. Cut the fur. This part can be a little messy so make sure you have a garbage can near. Clean up the edges to remove any loose fibers. Place the used pad onto the fur. (The fur is still supposed to be upside down as well as the pad.) Take your hot glue gun and start gluing the underside of the fur to the bottom of the pad. You will not see these edges that are glued so you don’t have to worry about it being perfect. The bottom of the pad will be hidden when you connect it to the base. You can attach it to the base within 10 minutes and start using your new fancied-up booster!

This faux fur car seat booster for toddlers or kids is something that any kid and adult will think is super cool! As a matter of fact, Lil’s friends have asked their moms to make them one! The family has both of their boosters covered in a fur that matches their car. The one cover is upholstered in a purple fur which matches her dad’s muscle car. Let me tell you, it’s a hit at the car shows!!

Please note that due to daily use and the repetitive motion of getting on and off the seat, the fur will eventually get slightly matted. Her seat cover lasted about 9-11 months before they replaced it with a new fur. You can find their clearance furs in their Etsy store. The old fur was relatively easy to take off and replace.

If you have any questions about this DIY project, please email or call us @ 716-951-8021


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