Newborn Swaddling Wrap Ideas

Our newborn swaddling wraps have a magnitude of uses that are often overlooked. Portrait photographers and parents who are taking their own DIY newborn photos rave about baby wraps and the newborn swaddle but in reality there are more uses for our wraps than just to pose a newborn.

It’s been a known fact that our exclusive stretch wraps work best in getting that newborn into a snug and comfortable pose. When you have the stretch and give of the fabric it’s much easier to get that baby to pose into positions than a fabric that doesn’t stretch like your standard cotton receiving blanket.

When searching for the perfect newborn wrap, and one that’s functional after newborn photos, it’s important to find one that is of a high quality. You need that photo prop to last and not fall apart after the first wash. It also has to be super soft so it does not irritate the baby’s sensitive skin. It’s hard to know what a product feels like when buying online but you can buy with confidence when reading the reviews on our website. If a customer doesn’t like the product they will be sure to tell you that in the review they write. It’s a good thing for us, that the majority of our reviews are 5 stars!

Traditional Newborn Swaddle – Stretch wraps work wonderfully whether you are doing the taco pose or the baby is sleeping on his back while swaddled and surrounded by the softest faux fur.

Mommy & Me – Our newborn wraps can be draped over the baby for a more sophisticated look. This looks especially eloquent when mom is in a maternity gown.


Mommy & Belly – Many of our wraps are large enough to use during pregnancy.


Pets & Props – Venture out and put a wrap around your feline’s neck or have it flowing out of a basket of puppies.


If you are certain that you are done with photos and will have no other use for it, Moms can wear it as a summer or fall fashion scarf.


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