Focus on “GIVING BACK”

Did you know…Custom Photo Props is not just about providing amazing photographers with the most awesome newborn props around.  Our core value is giving back so we are super active in our local community and many others throughout the world!

To read more on all of our community outreach and charitable programs, click here

One of our community projects is working with retired seniors.  Three times a week we provide various projects to help keep them active and give them a sense of responsibility.   Sometimes we bring them items to alter (i.e. sew buttons on, etc), roll fabrics or even as simple as putting stickers on bags.  They absolutely LOVE it and it brings us great joy to be able to give back in such a simple way.

Meet a couple of our helpers, Lucy and her sister Pat.  These ladies and many more are amazing to work with…we are so thankful for them!


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