Newsletter Giveaway

DID YOU KNOW…when you sign up for the newsletter you are included in not just the 411 on the latest products, BUT exclusive discounts and coupon codes???!!!!
We don’t want to leave anyone out…and to sweeten the deal we are giving away three “slightly imperfect” basket stuffers!!! White Clouds, Peach and Peony! That’s right my photographer friends…everyone that heads over to the website, signs up for the newsletter, then comes back here to comment under this blog post that you did, will be entered into a drawing for these “slightly imperfect” basket stuffers (slightly imperfect meaning the imperfection is only visible on the backside of the fur – you can’t see if from the front)

BUT WAIT…there’s more! We don’t want to leave out our loyal Custom Photo Prop peeps. If you are already signed up for the newsletter, refer someone to sign up and have them come back here and comment that they did and who referred them and you are BOTH entered!!!!!

How bout’ them apples!

Head over to the bottom right of the website home page
and sign up for the newsletter. Then come back to the blog and comment with your name that you signed up. Contest will end Wednesday May 11th. Once all names have been verified as officially signed up, we will announce the winner.

GOOD LUCK and the more of your photographer friends you share with …the more your chances to win are!

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