Photographer Spotlight: Appleseed Photography


Welcome to a new series we are doing on the blog.  Each week, we will interview a photographer.  Whether you are just starting out or many years into your journey, our hope is that by giving you a little insight into another photographers world, you will gain some new knowledge or inspiration.  Or you might just be able to relate and feel like you are not alone!   Here at Custom Photo Props, its more than just selling props.  We don’t just care about our business, we care about yours too and we want to give something back to our customers first and foremost!  You are the reason we get up in the morning and you are the reason we are still going strong after all these years!

Meet Appleseed Photography!  An award-winning newborn and child photographer from Dawson Creek, BC.  Her love and passion for what she does and her stance on giving back to her community is inspiring!  It was wonderful to get to learn a little bit more about her journey and here is what Denise shared with Custom Photo Props.

What made you decide you wanted to become a photographer and how long have you been in business?  Appleseed has been around for 7 years next month! I was a vendor before getting into professional photography –  so the brand is 7 but my photography business is about 2 1/2 though I have been learning photography for much longer than that!
What part of your photography are you most critical about?  All of it!! I find if you are content with your work, you will stagnate and never get better. I pick myself apart ALL of the time! It’s the only way one can grow, I think!
Who is your biggest supporter?  My MOM! She thinks I am pretty cool. But for real, it’s my Mom!
Biggest pet peeve in the photography industry?  Hmm..I’d say the pretentiousness & snobbery. I love networking and making new friends in the industry, so I found it was a little challenging when I first started out, so it’s my mission to make it a little easier on the new photographers and making some great friends along the way.

Biggest struggle as a studio owner?  Keeping it organized and clutter free!! I am always finding myself selling stuff off when it gets a little too cluttered. My current space is quite small too!
Favorite gear – camera, lighting?  Im using and loving the Nikon D3 & D610! For lighting, I am currently alternating between 2 octas and a PLM. 
Where do you see yourself in 5 years?  Hopefully in a bigger studio space! I have a pretty big list of goals to accomplish so I am hoping to have achieved them in 5 years 🙂
What does Photoshop mean to your work?  It’s really the finishing touch. I try my best to get it right in camera so I can do minimal retouching, saves a lot of time!
What has helped you succeed in the ever changing newborn industry?  I’d say trying new things! Stepping outside of my comfort zone. There’s also a lot of FB groups I am a part of that inspire me everyday!
What is the most important thing when you shop for newborn products and props for your studio?  I try to choose pieces that can go with many other props I have so they are more versatile! My sister and I make a lot of what I use too. I choose neutrals, muted tones, organic, vintage & rustic items are what I tend to buy.
Your ordering process – do you have your clients come into your studio for a presentation or do you do everything online?  This is another thing Im hoping to be doing in 5 years –  having clients return to my studio to choose and order their images! Im currently doing online galleries and it’s working out well, so we will see. It’s really all about what the client wants!


Learn a little bit more about Denise’s work here at  Appleseed Photography Website or her Facebook

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