Photographer Spotlight: Kelly Ross Photography

Kelly Ross has been working together with Custom Photo Props for quite a while now.  Her beautiful images help to show our products in use.   We love her creativity and the pure, simplicity of her images are stunning.  We are so thankful for her work and excited to share a little bit more about her studio.

For all you newborn photographers out there, we are sure you will be able to relate to a lot of what Kelly has to say.  Sometimes, in your day-to-day routine, it can probably feel that you are by yourself with the ups and downs of being a photographer.   What you can take away from our “photographer interview” series, is that you are not alone in your struggles.  We hope these interviews help to encourage you today, wherever you are in your photography journey.

www.Kelly Ross


What made you decide you wanted to become a photographer and how long have you been in business?

I have been in business almost 8 yrs. I always loved taking photos since I was a child and was the selfproclaimed Family Historian. I was very blessed to be so lucky to make it my career.
What part of your photography are you most critical about?

Oh I don’t think I could pick just one area to be critical of. I love to be very particular about everything I do. Myrule of thumb is to get it as close to perfect before you take the shot.
Who is your biggest supporter?

Most importantly my family when I was growing up… and especially my dad who was a man of very fewencouraging words but bought me my very first real camera when I was about 15. His own quiet way ofsaying he approved. Who knew all these years later I would be doing what I dreamed of as a kid.
Biggest pet peeve in the photography industry?

Ohhhhh….. Why can’t we just all get along and help each other rather than some of the drama that goes on.

Biggest struggle as a studio owner?

The business side of things. I like to be the artist not the office responsibilities. Even though I have the most AMAZING Office Manager it’s still hard to juggle.
Favorite gear – camera, lighting, favorite newborn prop?

I shoot with a Nikon750… my go to lens is my 35mm and second fav is 24-70mm… unless I am outside and itsalways the 70-200mm… Favorite newborn prop…. I have so many wonderful vendors I work with. Hands down Custom Photo Props furs and knits are a staple in every session!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Still doing what I am doing and loving every baby that walks through my door.
What does Photoshop mean to your work?

I edit lightly in Lightroom, and then pull them into Photoshop for some tweaks to clean up the skin.
What has helped you succeed in the ever-changing newborn industry?

My constant need to always be improving my skills and taking every step I can to make that happen. I have awonderful network of photographers in my area and we meet and host meetings and learning once a month.Having these connections just keeps me growing!
What is the most important thing when you shop for newborn products and props for your studio?

Quality and speed of delivery! And, of course that they are affordable.
Your ordering process – do you have your clients come into your studio for a presentation or do you do everything online?

I enjoy letting the clients view their galleries online from the comfort of their own home. We all know thathaving a new baby is time-consuming and asking moms to come back out feels like it would be addingstress to them. I did do in person sales a few years ago and it always seemed a struggle for them to come backto the studio. I want to make it as comfortable of an experience for them as possible.

To see more of Kelly’s work, check out a few of her sites:




www.Kelly Ross


www.Kelly Ross


www.Kelly Ross

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