Meet Custom Photo Prop’s Office Manager, Corinne Skeels

Corinne Skeel and Kerri Seibert have been blessed with an amazing friendship for over 20 years.   Kerri trusts Corinne completely so it only made sense that she would handle the day-to-day functions in the office.  Corinne is amazing at what she does, she’s thoughtful, thorough, respectable and keeps Custom Photo Props running  like a well oiled machine!   Being best friends allows Kerri and Corinne to be honest when it calls for it but keeping the atmosphere at the office fun and enjoyable.  They love what they do and they love working together!  When we sat down with Corinne to really get to know her, here is what she had to say:

How did you come to work for Custom Photo Props and how long have you been a member of the team?
I have been part of the Custom Photo Props team for 5 years now. I have known Kerri since we were in 6th grade together! I started out just doing random computer tasks from home when I was still living in Washington state which is where my husband was stationed at the time serving in the Army. These tasks came about because when Kerri and I were chatting she had told me how business was picking up so I told her if she needed help with anything to let me know as I was having trouble finding work in Washington at the time. She took me up on that offer and so my CPP days began! Then when we found out we were heading back to NY for good Kerri told me that she had a full-time position for me if I wanted it when I got here so naturally I took it and here we are! I mean who doesn’t want to work with their best friend!

What did you do prior to working with Custom Photo Props?
For the 3 years before starting with CPP I was a stay at home mom and Army wife raising my son who will be 14 this year! Where in the world has the time gone!! Before that I worked as the Financial Services Assistant at the University of Phoenix in Augusta GA. and then before that I was the secretary at the Eden Heights Assisted Living Facility in Eden, NY while attending Erie Community College for my associates degree.

What is the worst and best part of working with Custom Photo Props?
I can honestly say there is not any “worst part” of working at Custom Photo Props. The only thing that I could even really consider would be the random grouchy or rude customer but those are very few and far in between as we really do have the most amazing customers! The best part about working at Custom Photo Props would have to be the ladies I work with. We have a small but amazing group of girls that always go above and beyond to get things done and make sure our products are perfect for our customers. A close second for the best part would be getting back photos from customers using our products as it is always awesome to see the different and unique ways each person uses our products.

Do you dream about fur? No really, but what is your favorite prop that you sell? I do not dream about fur but I would have to say that our baby whisperer furs are definitely my favorites as they are so incredibly soft. If I had to choose one color it would be the Peekaboo Peach right now. It is beautiful!

Away from work…what do you love to do?
When I am not at work I enjoy spending time with my son Jacob and my husband Scott as well as our pets which include our dog Sasha, our cat Cinders, and our newest family member is a rabbit named Swirl. We used to have 6 cows as well, 3 mommas and 3 babies, that I absolutely loved but we unfortunately had to sell them. I hope to get more in the future though. I also enjoy going to the gym and taking the cardio kickboxing/boxing class they offer. It is a great workout and tons of fun!

QUICK…you only have 5 minutes to give someone the best advice ever…what would that be?
Live every day like it is your last, tomorrow is not promised. Work hard and be responsible and dependable but don’t work your life away. The quality time you spend and memories you make with your loved ones are far more important than the balance in your bank account and honestly you can’t take it with you! 🙂


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