Meet Custom Photo Prop’s Amber Strychalski

If you have purchased fur from Custom Photo Props …this amazing lady has made it happen!  She is the Master here at CPP  making sure your fur order comes perfect!  Amber is a blast to be around, always puts a smile on your face and keeps you laughing.

It was great to get to know Amber a little bit more…so next time you receive your order you can smile and know how much care and love was put into making sure you are happy with your product!

How did you come to work for Custom Photo Props and how long have you been a member of the team?
I started working for Custom Photo Props July 2013. I have been a member of the team for almost 3 years.

What did you do prior to working with Custom Photo Props?
Prior to working at Custom Photo Props I was a stay at home mom for 2 years with my two children Zachary 10 and Kendall who is now 4. Along with my children I am also a wife, to my loving husband Vince. Prior to staying at home I worked for the New York State WIC (Women Infant and Children) Program as an Assistant Programmer. Qualifying Women and Children for a Nutrition Program to keep their health on track during pregnancy and there after. Some other jobs I have had included Customer Service and writing homeowner and auto insurance through Allstate Ins. Co in Florida.

What is the worst and best part of working with Custom Photo Props?
The best part of working at Custom Photo Props is the small atmosphere. We have all become really good friends, that are more like family than co-workers. I’d have to say our work ethics really compliment each other and make it much easier to get the job done. All of us aren’t afraid to get in there get our hands dirty to get the job done (including the owner Kerri) She doesn’t mind stepping up shaking fur or making a headband. That is a quality you can really appreciate in a boss. I can honestly say there isn’t a thing I would change!

Do you dream about fur? No really, but what is your favorite prop that you sell? (-:
I am sure I dream about fur, eat fur, wear fur, hell even have nightmares about fur eating me!!! Ok all kidding aside fur is a real big part of my life considering it is my main job here at CPP. I am the main person that handles the fur. From giving my opinion on color selections to style. To cutting the actual bolts once they are received. I take pride in my job and make sure that each fur that leaves CPP is the best quality product for our customers. I have to say Peek A Boo Peach is by far my favorite color fur at CPP. It truly is an un-appreciated fur if our customers could only see it in person. it is absolutely lovely!

Away from work…what do you love to do?
Aside from work I enjoy every spare moment with my kids and husband. I don’t ever want to miss one dance recital or one baseball game. Life is short and children are only little once, I want to make sure I give my kids the best childhood possible. Some activities we enjoy are going to the park, the zoo, my daughter is in dance and my son does various sports at our local gym. We also love dining out and trying new places to eat. Family is huge for me.
QUICK…you only have 5 minutes to give someone the best advice ever…what would that be?
“YOLO” You Only Live Once. Eat that piece of cake, buy that shirt you want. Don’t look at someone else’s life and think the grass is greener on the other side. We all are fighting our own battle.

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