Washable Vegan furs

Here at Custom Photo Props, there are so many reasons we love our faux furs and faux flokati! Our Vegan furs are composed exclusively of man-made fibers that ensure a baby soft feeling with dramatic fur texture. They’re hypoallergenic and softer than just about any real fur you can get! We’ve been told countless times that their luxurious softness helps babies fall right asleep. In fact, 9 out of 10 newborn photographers “Love Love Love” our furs and purport that they really help them with their photography!

Our exclusive color palette offers a beautiful range of colors that will compliment any newborn shoot, and since they’re custom designed, you can only get them here! And because we value quality and durability, we made sure that our entire line is completely washable! Awesome, right? Simply machine wash with cold water on the gentle cycle, shake, and hang dry….they’ll come out like new every time! This is probably our customer’s favorite aspect of our faux furs. We’ve received so much wonderful feedback on the ease of washing them and how they retain their quality. One customer claims that her fur “has seen countless washings over 3 years and is still in full use!”. Another told us she’s washed hers between 30-40 times and it still looks great. We even asked fans on Facebook to share some photos of furs that have seen lots of use and washings. Our friend Khristy posted “These have been washed more times than I can count and still going strong”.


Sweet Dreams Vegan Fur
Sweet Dreams Vegan Fur


Frozen Blue/Aqua Vegan Fur

One local photographer invited us for a studio visit, where we got to see her wide collection of Custom Photo Prop furs. She’s washed them again and again and they still look great!

Photographer's Furs

Pretty spectacular, huh? You can’t get those same results with real fur. We hope that you’ll “Say no, go faux”- it’s the green, ethical, and guaranteed best quality choice! Check out our products today on our website.

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