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There’s so much to love about our collection of baby wraps here at CPP! Each category is designed exclusively for our company, which means you can only find them here! They come in a beautiful array of colors that match our vegan furs, and are great for swaddling or layering. Since we offer such a wide variety, we thought it may be helpful to explain the important differences between some of our categories:

DREAM: Dream is the lightest, airiest offering in our wrap collection. Light as cashmere,  its delicate, open knit stitch provides a subtle sheerness and lots of stretch.  

LUX: Knit with a finer, tighter stitch than our Dream Wrap, the Lux Wrap has a lightweight sweater feel to it. Each one is hand-dyed and has a luxurious feel and generous stretch.

SWEATER: Multicolored yarns are interwoven to produce our beautifully muted, multi-shade Sweater Wraps. Their cozy, fuzzy texture gets even softer with time, and their multiple levels of color make them super versatile! 

MOHAIR: Our local artisans hand-knit soft-spun mohair into a delicate & open chain stitch that makes these wraps light as a feather and oh-so-soft! 

NUBBLE: Nubble is knit with a loose stitch that makes it extremely stretchy! They have a slight texture to them and are see-through once fully stretched.

ARTISAN: These come in a wide array of textures & colors and add a beautiful level of dimension. They’re accented with special design details like embroidery, applique, ruffles, lace  and tassel trimmings!

You can check out our entire selection of baby wraps below:


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