CPP Baby Wrap Softness & Stretch Scales

There’s so much to love about our collection of baby wraps here at CPP! Our exclusive assortment offers a wide variety of colors, textures, and weights. To help you understand the important differences between each category, we’ve developed a softness scale and stretch scale. Soon all of our wrap listings at www.customphotoprops.com will feature both a softness and stretch ranking. Here’s a look at all the details of our Softness and Stretch Scales:


1 = I’d wouldn’t use that to wash my floors!

2 = Eh.. it’s not the best feeling out there but can be used for short periods of time

3 = Ah.. this feels alright

4 = Oh.. this is cozy and feels good

5 = Incredible softness and comfort! Give me a place to sleep immediately..zZ..zzZ..ZZZ



1 = No stretch at all

2 = The fabric gives a little bit but doesn’t look great if you like the form fitting look

3 = It has enough stretch to make swaddling easier

4 = Oh.. this has great movement and I can easily wrap a baby with this

5 = Holy smokes, this has some serious stretch

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