Newborn Posing Cloth Collection is HERE!

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Our NEW Posing Cloth Collection has made its way to our website!
Our designers sourced and vetted dozens of manufacturing companies to take on our new posing cloth line. With months of swatches and prototypes, we landed a highly respectable company in the US to manufacture this valuable line for us. We strive to have all products made in the US, when possible, and we are thankful that we have made this a reality again.
Quality & Details are everything!
  • The girls hand picked each dye for our custom made posing fabrics and created matching floral headbands to pair with them. Many of them are created with handmade flower petals, tulle bows, fresh water pearls and dried flowers.
  • Kerri personally delivered the posing material to a local fabric cutting agency to ensure the perfect cut for your swaddling wraps.
  • The girls also worked with hand-in-hand with our seamstress to design the most adorable sleepy time hats in the same fabric as our posing cloths.
Every aspect of this line has been designed and manufactured in the USA! We are incredibly proud of this and we assure you that you are receiving safe & top quality props from us!

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