Photographer Spotlight : Little Love Photography, Emily Abbas

We have officially fallen in love with Little Love Photography owner, Emily Abbas. Recently, we sent her some products from our Fall 2018 Collection, and we were blown away by her pictures. Not only that, she was amazing to work with! So of course, when we recently decided to start up our spotlight series again, she was first in our mind.

After interviewing her, we love her EVEN MORE! Such a great story, and family supporting her every step of the way. Just like our owner Kerri, her adventure all started when she was unhappy with what was out there and knew she could do better for the community.

What made you decide you wanted to become a photographer and how long have you been in business?

u902375054-o450864541-53.jpgI have always loved photography and bought my first camera when I was about 7. I started working for photographers when I was 11, but starting up by business took a bit of a push from my husband. When my first was born we didn’t have much money so I decided to take my 4 day old to Walmart for her newborn photos. There is SO much wrong with that sentence haha. Anyways, I got my photos back and HATED them. A week after that my husband bought me my first DSLR. I complained to my husband for 3 months about how much I didn’t like them and his response was “If you think you can do it better, do it yourself.” One day I came home from work and he had bought me my first studio. Lights, backdrop stand, backdrops and he looked at me and said “Do it better”. And from that point on I have pushed myself to do just that.

What part of your photography are you most critical about? 

I am most critical about newborn safety. There is nothing more important than keeping these perfect little people safe.

Who is your biggest supporter?

My biggest supporter has always, and will always be my husband.

Biggest pet peeve in the photography industry?

My biggest pet peeve is when talented photographers undercut themselves. We all start somewhere, I did too, but when you know what you are doing and you are good at it, make some money!

beetsweaterwap_cabernet_headband_littlovephotography (2).jpg

Biggest struggle as a studio owner?

I feel that my biggest struggle is much different than most. We get moved for my husband’s job every 2-5 years with a 10 day or less notice. That means that as soon as I build a great clientele I am starting over and I am uncomfortable offering Grow With Me Packages.

Favorite gear – camera, lighting, favorite newborn prop?

My favorite gear is my Canon 6dmII, I use an AB400 but want an Einstein, and my must have newborn prop is my collection of Custom Photo Prop Furs. All of my favorite poses are the simple ones wrapped on a beautiful fur!


Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In 5 years I will be in my forever town, working out of a beautiful studio built just for me. I will be offering grow with me packages and have a great group of clients. Those are my goals anyways 😉

IMG_1613.jpgWhat does Photoshop mean to your work?

I love photoshop because it takes a photo that is already beautiful and adds and extra umph. It also means that those squirmy 2 year olds are smiling in every family photo with a bit oh head swap action!

What has helped you succeed in the ever-changing newborn industry?

The most successful tool in my box is that I live with the motto “Run your own race”. There are SO many photographers in this world that if you are constantly comparing yourself to others or trying to compete with each other you will drown. Be your own personal best. Put your blinders on and just run.


Your ordering process – do you have your clients come into your studio for a presentation or do you do everything online?

I do everything online but when all my kids are in school I plan to make the switch to IPS.


How great is her story? If you’re in the Cedar Rapids area and need a photographer, look her up on her website or Facebook page! Here are a few more images from her portfolio that we love!






The spotlight series is a set of blog posts we started to share some of our favorite photographers! We at Custom Photo Props would not be in business if it were not for all the amazing and talented photographers showcasing our products. So, why not showcase them and tell their stories!

What you can take away from our photographer interview series, is that you are not alone in your struggles. We hope these interviews help to encourage you today, wherever you are in your photography journey. Not to mention, you may get a few tips out of them.

Know of someone we should highlight? Send us their name in the comments!

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