Pantone 2019 Color Predictions: Don’t Miss Out On These Trends

It is that time of the year again. We are getting ready for all the holidays, but also thinking about preparing for the new year. To help us out, the experts over at Pantone have announced their popular color predictions for 2019. We took their suggestions and applied them to photography props, so you can get ahead of the craze early. They broke up their predictions into neutrals and the brighter and lively colors. We broke down the most popular, and put together some newborn photography setups, so you can jump on them while they are hot.

Bright & Lively Colors

The bright colors chosen for next year’s trends follow a similar theme. A majority of the colors are in the reds, orange and coral family with a mix of bright and softer tones of each.  Does this mean it won’t be long before we start seeing all coral setups in the place of baby pinks?


Over the years, grey and white have been the go-to neutrals. Pantone is thinking that is going to change next year. Enter in the off whites and browns to make a comeback. Not surprising, a beautiful dark blue is also becoming more popular as a neutral base color as well, and we think it is genius.

What do you think? Are bright colors making a comeback over more muted tones? Do you think that off white and browns will take over the grey craze? Leave your thoughts below and become part of the discussion.

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