Gotta Have It or Long Gone: Newborn Photography Props

The votes are in! Well not really votes, but you know what we mean. Like every other industry with trends or fads, there are styles that just need to be left behind in newborn photography. Remember the wavy eyebrow trend of 2017? That was bad, and luckily left in the dust quickly. We asked our group of amazing photographers what trends they got to have, and what needs to be left in the dust for good.

Long Gone

Once upon a time, some of these trends were gorgeous and everyone loved them. These photographers have photographed the props beautifully and we have even stocked these ourselves at one point. But, that day is long gone. I think we can all agree that even if the images are beautifully shot, we all just need to let these outdated trends drift off into the past.

Crochet outfits




Animal characters


Jewelry on baby


Posing chairs


Gotta Have It

Some new fads fade quickly, and others are here to stay. This list of Gotta Have It props are growing fast in popularity and the consensus among our photographers is they are here to stay for the long haul. Don’t miss out on these timeless trends!

All neutral setups

Brown Fur

Texture wraps & layers


One color sets


Chunky Knits

Chunk Knit

What are your thoughts? Any props you just gotta have this year that we missed? Leave in the comments below!

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