Creating A Beautiful Sitter Photo Session for Your Baby Clients

Photographing any sitter session can be stressful, because let’s face it, sitters don’t sit still very well. But don’t let that discourage you first year photographers. Sitter sessions can be just as beautifully done as a newborn session; it’s a great way to capture these early years in the baby’s life.

Sitter photography sessions are normally done for babies that can sit unassisted around 5-6 months old up to 12 months of age. Since these cute chubby sitters have more mobility, photographers can play a little more with the baby when posing.

During a sitter photography session, the goal ultimately is to capture photos of the cute little expressions the baby makes. Those little toes, gummy smiles and new-found crawling skills make for great portraits. Take advantage of these new skills when thinking of poses. Sitting, crawling, and grabbing at those cute little toes.

Now, the tough part is finding the sitter photography props that work best with squirmy little babies. Good news, many newborn props can be used for sitters too!



Photography furs are not to be limited to using them in bowls or on posing bags for newborns. They can be great for sitter babies as well. Check out these simple but adorable sitter photography images of these cuties on our vegan fur.




Some photographers may be afraid of pulling out their photo prop bowls in their sitter sessions. You will really be missing out on some amazingly cute photos if you skimp on these great props. Using a shallow bowl can really highlight your sitter even more and make for some amazing images, even for those squirmy new crawlers at 6 months.



Layering Fabrics

Think those photography textured wraps and fabrics can only be used for newborn swaddles and bowl stuffers? Think again! These pieces are great for sitter sessions to add that something extra. Here are two great ways to use these pieces in a sitter session.



Posing Props

One of the great things about sitters, is that they are much more stable than a three month old. Sitter babies can be posed in a wider variety of posing photo props. Don’t hold back on some of these great options!



Babies in the 6-12 month range is when you can really have fun and go crazy with cute outfits. There is such a wide variety of specially designed outfits for photography sitter sessions out there. The color schemes and setup possibilities are endless!

What are your favorite sitter props? Let us know in the comments below.

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