Summer 2019 Trends : Newborn Photography

The summer sessions seem to be in full swing already, and we can’t help but be in love with some of the new trends we are seeing lately in newborn photography props! The unique bowls, the patterns, texture, we love it all! To keep you up to date on all things summer in the newborn photography industry, we put together a few of our absolute favorite trends coming up.


Pattern Wraps

We covered floral wraps in our Spring Trends blogs, and it seems they are not going anywhere. Patterned wraps are the hottest new trend by far! From camo and stripes to gorgeous florals, patterns are the new hot thing. The key is matching them with the appropriate props. From what we have seen, it’s best to pair them with a complimenting posing cloth with a smooth texture and simple headband. Let the wraps do the talking!



Unique Bowls & Props

The unique bowls and props that are coming out now…breathtaking! The craftsmanship behind the beds, bowls, buckets, and cradles is stunning to say the least. We’ve fallen in love with the array of color on the props as well. Now people can use a bowl with any color and any setup.   


Texture, Texture, Texture

We’ve noticed that mohair, lace, sweater fabrics, and other great textures are being used more and more this season. Texture has always been a big part of newborn photography with fur and layers, but for a while, smooth textured wraps, clothing, and posing cloths were being used most often. The texture is back though, baby! Beautiful lace clothing, textured wraps galore, and great patterned posing cloths. We are here for texture making a come back.

Rain-and-co-littlelovephotography (1)


Simple Is Better

Simple seems to be the way to go this season. Not too many layers, intense poses or over the top setups. Maybe that is why textures and pattern wraps are all the rage. Photographers are loving simple poses and colors on a posing cloth. Using great textures adds an element of depth and style to a newborn photoshoot.


What are your thoughts. Did we miss any trends? What is your favorite? Let us know in the comments.

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