Taking My Newborn’s Photos

Many new parents are having to pick up the pieces from COVID-19 and take their own newborn’s photos now that newborn studios are closed due to the Coronavirus. I’ve had many new parents message me regarding what props they should buy for their at-home shoot.

Here’s what I always tell them, when you are able to, go right for a multi-piece studio set and the Relaxed Swaddler. Our Relaxed Swaddler newborn swaddling sack will help you with swaddling your newborn before you put the wrap over him. This thin sack helps contain the baby’s legs and arms so he can be posed like a little potato and not a baby that’s trying to break out of your swaddling wrap. If you only want one swaddle containment sack and want to save money, email me at hello@customphotoprops.com and I can offer you one with slight blemishes at a discount. Since you’ll only be using this for the baby’s pictures, you don’t need to make such an investment in our two-pack. 

Secondly, go right for the studio sets! This way you know the props will match (super important) and you can interchange props to get different looks during your setups. Lastly, if you are in a financial pinch, check out our clearance and sale collections.

Along with props, there are many things you need to do in order to have a semi-successful newborn shoot experience. Here you can find the most valuable pieces of information you’ll need to know in order to take your newborn’s photos. Make sure to read all of these links. You’ll have to weed through some of the info as some info is geared toward studio sessions but the same great tips are included: how to get the baby sleepy, best poses, room temperature, etc..

Best DIY newborn photo shoot tips for parents

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