Gotta Have It or Long Gone: Newborn Photography Props

The votes are in! Well not really votes, but you know what we mean. Like every other industry with trends or fads, there are styles that just need to be left behind in newborn photography. Remember the wavy eyebrow trend of 2017? That was bad, and luckily left in the dust quickly. We asked our group of amazing photographers what trends they got to have, and what needs to be left in the dust for good.

Photographer Spotlight : Little Love Photography, Emily Abbas

We have officially fallen in love with Little Love Photography owner, Emily Abbas. Recently, we sent her some products from our Fall 2018 Collection, and we were blown away by her pictures. Not only that, she was amazing to work with! So of course, when we recently decided to start up our spotlight series again, she…

Hot Fall Trends In Newborn Photography

Fall is that warm and fuzzy time of year when we get to snuggle up in cozy sweaters and watch the leaves change color. Who doesn’t love the great reds, oranges, yellows and beauty that surrounds us this time of year! The season is infectious, and doesn’t disappoint when it comes to great newborn photography….