Say No, Go FAUX!!!

Here at Custom Photo Props, we believe that Faux Fur is the only way to go. May it be a fur collar on your new jacket, the lining of those great winter boots, or your stash of photography props, faux fur is clearly the better choice. It’s less of a hassle and often times it’s even better quality!

Since we love to gush about why faux is better than real, we were searching the internet for some hard facts on the subject. In all of our researching, we stumbled across a very interesting article.

Basically, the article talks about how manufacturers will use REAL fur and market it as FAUX!!! WHY??? We ask you… WHY?!

“So then why use real fur and say it’s fake? “Some of the good faux furs can be more expensive to use when making jackets or other garments than low-quality animal fur,” Gryzbowski explained. “They may use animal fur just because it’s cheaper.”

At the end of the article, there is a video that instructs you on how to tell if what you bought is indeed faux or not. It seems like the only sure way to tell is to burn a small section and see if it smells like burning hair or chemicals. UGH What the heck!?

I really don’t like being lied to and really┬ádon’t like having to set FIRE to my recent purchases to find out the truth. That being said, I’m sure you feel the same way and I can PROMISE you that our FAUX FUR is actually faux. It’s made of synthetic materials that are softer than just about any real fur you can get and so much easier to care for.


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