Relaxed Swaddler II |Newborn Swaddling Assistant

Our NEW newborn swaddling assistant is HERE!!
Our New and Improved Relaxed Swaddler II | Newborn Swaddling Assistant is in! If you are one of the many newborn photographers who sadly missed out on the first batch of R/S you can now breath with relief that you no longer have to struggle with swaddling babies!
Our R/S II newborn posing swaddle sack has been designed with a more durable and stronger material in the softest hand.  The R/S II will continue to be sold as a 2 pack and each set will include two sizes: standard and small. These two swaddling assistants should give you an estimated range of use for babies that are sized 6 pounds to 10 pounds.
SPREAD THE LOVE ~ if you know of any friends who would benefit from saving time on swaddling, please let them know about our R/S II.!
If you have a great testimonial about how your Relaxed Swaddler has saved you frustration and valuable time, we’d love to hear about it in Groupies!

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