Relaxed Swaddler: This Game Changer, Now For Exposed Toe Poses!

One of the most difficult things about newborn photography can be wrapping a baby, and keeping them asleep. Luckily, there is a newborn posing product we’ve developed to solve both issues, the Relaxed Swaddler. Our Relaxed Swaddler first gets baby in a snuggly position to help them feel safe and secure while keep their limbs contained. Once the baby is cozy and calm, wrapping becomes a breeze. As, we all know, the biggest struggle with wrapping newborns is getting those kicking arms and legs contained for wrapping. Up until now, we had only offered a swaddler with a closed bottom which didn’t allow photographers to show those cute toes during swaddling. Now, by popular demand, we’ve developed a swaddler which allows for open toe swaddling!

The exclusive Relaxed Swaddler Exposed Toe Sack is a simple tool to help make swaddling an easier, more relaxed experience for babies, parents, and photographers.

Our Exposed Toe Relaxed Swaddler Newborn Sack has been exclusively designed to assist with keeping the baby’s limbs contained during a swaddle while allowing her toes to peek through the wrap. Its cocoon shape helps keep the baby from being disturbed by her own startle reflex, while providing snuggly warmth.

Our Swaddlers are known to save up to 30 minutes per newborn session! Our swaddling assistant will help you save time and eliminate unneeded frustration.

This product is to be used with direct adult supervision at all times by an experienced photographer.

Special thank you to Lisa Matthis of Lisa Matthis Photography for continually inspiring us filming this tutorial!

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