EZzz Swaddling for Fussy Babies

Our exclusive EZzz Swaddling sack newborn photography prop is a simple tool to help make swaddling an easier, more relaxed experience for babies, parents, and photographers. 

The E-Zzz Swaddling Sack has been exclusively designed to assist those who are new to swaddling capture simple poses of their newborns. Even if you are a new parent whose struggling with keeping your baby content, this sack will help calm your baby. Though, keep in mind that these sacks are not designed for long term use and only for shorter periods. Always keep your baby at an arms length away when using products that are not designed to be left alone with an unattended baby.

Our closed bottom design has been specifically developed to help contain newborns’ feet from interfering with a tight swaddle. Its cocoon shape helps keep your baby from being disturbed by her own startle reflex, while providing snuggly warmth.

NOTE: Our new E-Zzz Swaddler differs from our popular Relaxed Swaddler II in material composition and size. This product will last you for many years of use. 

Please note that no two babies are the same, some are long and lean and some are short and plump. When fitting, pay attention to the sack in the shoulder area. If it’s showing to be too tight and uncomfortable on the baby, move up to the next size or remove the sack. 

“It worked like a charm. She was out almost immediately and was out cold through three set changes.” Porcelain Photography