NEWborn Furniture Photography Props are in stock at Custom Photo Props!

Newborn crib, galvanized bucket and heart bowl photo props for newborn or sitter sessions

What should I put a newborn in when taking photos?… Is this what you’re asking yourself?

Well, we just got in a new shipment of wood buckets, metal buckets, bamboo or cane beds and distressed wood hearts among other pieces of furniture. All of these posing props are hand crafted and designed in our Silver Creek, NY prop shop!

Whether it’s our bamboo crib, posing chair or bassinet, our furniture will stand out but not take away from your darling little client. Dress up each piece with potted plants, hanging foliage, a mini knotted rug, a lantern or even have little sparkly stars hanging from the ceiling. No matter what piece you choose for your next newborn or sitter shoot, it’s going to be perfect and your images will be looked at for years to come!

All pieces ship from our Silver Creek, NY shop. If you’re local you can come pick up your purchase. Please know that when having these items shipped, most likely more props can fit in the box. Shipping rates are charged to us based on the box size, not weight. We highly recommend purchasing more items to put in the box if you’re already paying that shipping cost for the furniture.

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